Which Device to Choose?

Recently a friend asked for my opinion about which device to purchase.  Since she has a son in college, and she is a busy lady with three businesses to run, I wasn’t sure the purpose for the device.  It is an important decision since money is hard earned.  I’m going to share my response to her with you.

Here’s the thing, decide how you are going to use it. Kindle Fire comes with 8 gig of memory, great then but now isn’t much. Kindle Fire HD comes with a choice of memory 16 or 32 gig. Get the 32 gig.  Two of my family members have the Kindle Fire. It is not expandable. They both love their tablets.

The Kindle Paperwhite 3G is an eReader with which you can download books while traveling anywhere in the world using 3G and older systems for downloading books only. The WiFi is for surfing the net.

I like my Galaxy 10.1 tablet running the Kindle app better . My tablet and extras cost more than twice as much as the Kindle Fire. They like my tablet better too.

What is important is what you are going to do with it. People we know who bought the Nook wish they bought the Kindle because the others don’t offer thousands upon thousands of free eBooks.

If you know for a fact that you will never do anything but surf the web, read books and maybe play an occasional game, then get the Kindle of your choice. If on the other hand, if you are going to use yours as a surrogate for a PC or laptop, then you should get the Galaxy 10.1 (or some other nice sized tablet).

There is a WordPress app that allows you to work on your blogs using your Android device. Bluetooth keyboards are available for most of these devices.  The Kindle Fire Bluetooth keyboard and cover combination costs about $40.00 on Amazon. The Galaxy 10.1 cover and keyboard was $100.00, but some are cheaper.

The drawback to all of the above options is that you only have internet when you are connected to some WiFi service in some location such as a friend’s house, hotel or Starbucks.

There is a new option you might consider. It is cheaper than the Galaxy 10.1 (or the iPad) and more expensive than the Kindle Fire HD.  That is the Galaxy Note 2. It is larger than a regular cell phone, but is smaller than the Kindles. It uses Android and you can install the Kindle app.  Since it is a cell phone, you have internet connection using your data plan. You may choose up to 64 gig memory, and you can add up to a 64 gig SD card. There are extras to purchase but not necessary. If I buy the Note 2, I will get the Bluetooth keyboard.

Some people have issues with cell phone connectivity from time to time.  Don’t let this issue stop you from getting the smartphone or device you want.  Consider purchasing a cell phone signal booster.  It magnifies the signal so you can use the service of your choice in order to get optimal bang for your wireless buck.

The choice is yours.  What a world we live in!


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