Becoming Independent and Off the Grid

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Welcome to our humble homestead.

At 2pairfarms we are on a journey and are struggling to become both financially independent and living off the grid.

Currently we are working on making our 5 acres profitable rather than just a place to live.  Last year we started that process, but the drought made gardening a losing financial proposition.  Not being dissuaded, we came back this year with another plan.  We are going to use the time honored container gardening.

I resisted that idea in the past because I wanted to utilize all our acres and was sure there had to be a way it could be done.  And there is, but not for growing crops.

Over the course of time, we hope to take this from being a drought struck sandy waste land to a flourishing farm.  We don’t mind that it won’t be a conventional farm if it takes us where we want to go.

Come along with us.  Let’s help each other.  Thoughts, ideas and discussion are welcome.  There is honor in sharing knowledge and experience.


Shortly after this page was posted, I took a terrible fall on the first day in January on which it rained.  Never mind that we were still in a drought and that it didn’t rain again for a long time.  The fall, however, was not just a couple of scraped knees and hands.  In April it turned into a major shoulder surgery from which I am still recovering.  Even though my recovery is considered to be at an exceptional  rate, hard physical work is still outside my abilities.

Needless to say, having this much difficulty and not enough help to go around, my container garden died.  Two gardens in two years.  One would think I would give up.  NOPE!  Not on your life.  I am DETERMINED to make it happen.

It is now late October, 2012.  I have just a couple of months until time to start my seedlings again.  And start I will.  Now that I know how to deal with droughts and physical handicaps, surely this time garden will succeed.

Our goals have not changed.  Our plans remain the same.  We still made progress in planning for life off the grid, just not all the progress we wanted.