Choosing the Right Yak

Once the decision has been made to purchase kayaks, it is important that you buy the one that suits your body type, physical condition and of course the purpose for the kayak.  For us, it was a matter of trying various kayaks, reading hundreds of reviews and narrowing them down according to the features we desired.  After months of researching and testing various kayaks, we came up with a list of things important to us and our lifestyle.

  1. It had to be easy to paddle since I had serious shoulder surgery less than six months before purchasing them.
  2. It had to have a high weight tolerance to carry all manner of hunting, fishing and camping gear.
  3. There must be adequate storage for all of the above.
  4. Storage needed to be accessible while in the kayak.
  5. The seat must be comfortable for many hours of paddling and fishing, considering your back as well as your butt.
  6. It needed to be light weight and durable.
  7. It must be stable.
  8. NO Scupper holes!
  9. It had to have an anchor trolley system.
  10. Tandem or solo?
  11. Price

During our search for the right kayak,  we discovered most were uncomfortable to sit in for more than an hour, could not carry much gear, and were difficult to use for fishing.  Many didn’t have anchor systems and most had scupper holes.  For some models, you could buy after-market trolley systems and install them yourself.

What ever you buy, make certain to choose your kayak based on the things most important to you.  Go to local kayak shops and try them before you buy.  Pay close attention to getting in and out of the kayak as well as how the seat feels.  Finding one that meets all your needs and is in your price range will give you years of happiness with your kayak.