Wilderness in the Walls

After living in this house a short while, we discovered animals were making themselves at home in our garage.  We realized they were coming in through the windows we thought were closed.  After fastening them completely closed we stopped seeing raccoon in there.

Shortly after the garage infiltration, we started to hear noises in the kitchen wall.  We were unable to figure out how it was getting there.  I was convinced it was some horrible creature.  It had to be.  It was noisy as it went under the house and up inside the walls.  The real horror started when we realized it was more than one.  It was a family moving in for the winter.  This animal  thought it was bringing it’s wife and kids in to live in our walls for the whole winter.  We still didn’t know what it was.  Finally it managed to crawl it’s way up to the attic and tear up a ventilation duct.  We hired someone to come fix it and find a way to block animals from getting in under the house.  The repairman was happy to fix the damage, but was unwilling to work on the animal issue, which he diagnosed as opossums.

We blocked every possible opening under the house we could find.  This seemed to work until the next fall when once again we had animals trying to get under the house.  This time it was not just opossums.  Now, racoons wanted to live in the crawl space below the house.  Raccoons and opossums do not get along well. Once we had this little zoo going on, skunks absolutely did not want to be left out and they found a way under the house and managed to wiggle through the exterior wall to the master bathroom and then squirm their way to the cavity formed by the bath tub.  In this nice little warm space between the sheet-rock and bath tub, they had a nice little nest in which they were planning to raise babies.

Once again we head outside to find the locations these animals were getting under the house.  This time,  we just can’t find it.  That night, all those animals come in for their nightly rest at 2:00 a.m.  At some point the opossums and the skunks manage to cross paths.  The fight was on.  So was the stink.  From then on, until we could find a way to make sure no animals could dig their way under the house, we would have to deal with the skunk perfume.  It took a while, but eventually we either trapped or blocked all the animals from the house.  But the damage done by the animals remains, until we can take apart the walls to repair  the electrical and structural damage.  The list just seems to keep growing.