Camping? Really?

Which kind of camping is for you?  Roughing it?  Packing in?  Camp fire?  Camp stove? Tent or under the stars?  Cell phone off?  Some people even say a cabin might be considered camping if there are no modern amenities like hot water and indoor restroom.  What about the more recent trend called glamping?

What ever you call it, spending time in the great outdoors is a worthwhile activity.  For us, camping doesn’t survival camping, pretty much anything else that brings us close to nature and away from the noise of the city is perfect.  We wouldn’t even mind glamping if the fishing were good and the only thing we could hear was nature.

A good camping experience requires excellent planning and efficient packing.  Special care must be taken to consider campers’ ages and medical and physical conditions.    Obviously the less optimal a camper’s condition, the more “stuff” you have to bring.

The point is to get out of the house and do something.  No matter what kind of camping you choose, spending time in nature will change you in ways most people can’t fully articulate.