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Summer Heat Causes Garden and Bird Blues

It’s that time of year again.  The garden is withering in the summer heat.  It won’t matter how often I water the the garden, it’s still going to die from the beating the sun gives it.  Providing shade only provides minimal relief.  The tomatoes are still producing, but not as well.  Everything else is pretty much over for the season.

The birds are feeling the heat too.  They aren’t eating as much and spend most of their time at the water fountain or water buckets.  Less food intake means less energy so they are more docile and won’t produce as many eggs.   They spend their time inside the barn to avoid the burning sun.

Their food is in the barn to encourage them to eat and to keep it from baking.  Since we close their barn doors every night and open them every morning, I’m able to pay close attention to how much they are eating and when.

Quite by accident, I’ve found that if I leave them in the barn until 8:00 a.m. instead of getting them out at dawn, they eat more.  It might be that they don’t have anything else to look at and it’s still cool that time of day.

While the summer garden is winding down and the birds are resting, it’s time for me to get in high gear again to plant seeds for the fall garden.  Here, the best growing season is from September until June.  I better hop to it if I want the plants to be ready by September 1st!

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