Baby quilt.

Quilt – From the Beginning

I always wanted to quilt, but time just wasn’t on my side.  There was college, raising kids, working and so on.  Some where in all that, I found time to make a quilt for my daughter’s baby dolls along with matching skirt and bolero jacket.

She was just three years old and cute as could be.  She wore her little outfit and wrapped up her favorite baby in the tiny quilt.

The first "quilt" I made.I got the pre-quilted fabric at some garage sale and got busy cutting the squares and sewing them together.  The jacket and skirt came from the big pieced quilt. The baby doll blanket was made with what was left.

Now, all that’s left of the set is the baby doll blanket.  I’ve look many times for the rest of the outfit, because I know I didn’t throw it away.  I’m afraid it is lost forever.

While I sewed many clothes for the kids over the years, I didn’t get a chance to make any quilts again until my daughter’s best friend was going to have a baby and she wanted to make a baby quilt for her.

Leah cut the pieces and sewed some of them together, but she was pregnant Baby quilt.with her first child and didn’t get it finished.  The two girls had their babies ten days apart and the quilt went by the wayside.

After a while I came across it in the sewing room and decided to finish it myself. After piecing the rest of the pieces it was difficult choosing the blanket binding to use.  Since it was for a baby I decided to use a wide ribbon style with a bright color.

I finished the quilt the same way my mother’s mother did it.  I tied knots with yarn.  Quite a few of them.  One in every corner.  When I was finished knotting it, I was glad it was a small blanket.

Stripes QuiltTwo years later I started a quilt for myself and had cut the fabric in strips.  As I was getting ready to cut the strips into squares my daughter came to visit and saw the quilt parts.  She begged for it and said she liked it just the way it was.  I promised it to her.

Work got in the way an it was a while before I got it finished, knotting it too.

Now I am working on the next three quilts.  One for Fat quarters for a quilt.each of my children’s households.  The kids picked the fabrics.  It’s a struggle to decide if knotting or professional quilting will be the finish.  I’ve considered quilting each block as I go.  I’ll have to wait and see when they are done.

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