Our Best Friends

David and I are blessed to have a “best friend couple”.  Most people have a “bff”, but rarely are the couple’s best friends married to each other.  Since my husband’s best friend is married to my best friend, we get to spend more time together as couples doing couples things. Dan and Catie are the other pair in “2pairfarms”.

Dan and CatieDan and Catie are awesome people.  In almost every way that counts, we are like-minded.  Compared to us, they are much closer to being independent.  Catie grew up on a farm and is going to inherit the farm as part of her parent’s legacy. Farmers are usually more self-reliant than city folk by the nature of living in remote places, well water, and other necessities of farm living.  All that being said, Dan is quite handy with a hammer and wrench.  He has been busy re-purposing some of the out buildings into additional  business and living spaces.  Catie has been busy gaining new skills while utilizing the new spaces to generate additional avenues of income and assets.


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