Mission Craze

When the summer starts to wain and deer season is just around the corner, I always think about going hunting.  Many of my family members were hunters.  I remember grandpa bringing home squirrel, rabbit and of course deer.  Some where in the family archive is a 1971 home video of my father, grandfather and uncles dressing out a nice buck one of them had shot.  They were butchering it and it would feed the family for quite some time.

Now, though, bow hunting will be a great challenge.  Bow hunting is more difficult on several levels.  Its a greater personal challenge to use the bow and be accurate even in an archery lane.  Bow hunting outside brings the challenges of wind, noise and your own movements.  For this reason, I have decided to accept the challenge.

After considerable research, I ordered a Mission Craze bow.  It was the first bow that felt like it belonged in my hand.  I liked everything about it from the weight to the size.  It comes in four color choices and several premium color choices.  Choosing the color was the most difficult decision.  Eventually I settled on the black and white  zebra stripe pattern.  I can’t wait until it gets here.

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