Mission Craze Performance

I ordered my Mission Craze bow at Clyde’s Archery in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mission CrazeI’ve had my Mission Craze bow for several weeks now.  The first few uses left my arms tired and sore.  It was partly due to using muscles I don’t normally use in that way, but mostly it was because of the shoulder surgery I had last year. Even so, I am getting better and stronger.

The best part is that it is accurate.  One technically could argue that I’m the one who is accurate since I am pretty accurate with a gun and a bowling ball.  But, I hesitate to say it’s all me because the last time I used a bow was in 1973.  At best I would be considered out of practice.

It’s going to take time until I have enough strength to pull at a high enough draw weight to make a good kill shot, but I’ll get there!  This is my final post about the Mission Craze.

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