Lifestyle Budgeting — Or Dreaming?

How to budget for camping, fishing, and hunting supplies is a big issue for most Americans, indeed, for most people the world over.  It’s like anything else.  People spend their money on what is the most important to them.   And, just like everything else, people differ in their opinion about what is important.

For us, we think it is important to live today and plan for tomorrow.  One of the ways we plan for tomorrow is to plan our vacation money carefully.  It goes a lot further if we go camping.  We spend the money we saved by traveling more and more often.

There are campgrounds all across the country, heck, all over the world!  For us, there is no limit on where we can go.  Camping along the way offers opportunities to fish and hunt in areas most people don’t see.

When we get to destinations, we will be able to do all the same site seeing as people who stay in hotels or buy RVs, but with thousands of dollars in our pocket to buy things like that extra pair of tickets to the symphony or theater we’re pretty happy.


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