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Fall Garden Plans

Setting seeds for fall garden.Three weeks ago we started our vegetable garden seeds in the house so they would be ready for the fall garden.  Great plan, right?  You would think it was a great plan anyway.

For some unknown reason the seeds sprouted in less than half the time on the package.  Then instead of growing like normal plants they grew into tall spindly things that would never survive in the garden.

It seems leaving the lights on 24/7 wasn’t the right thing to do.  The light from the light bulbs were not enough light for the plants.  They are fluorescent lights and not full spectrum.  So the plants stretched to get more light.

I decided to let them die.  Yep.  I’ll have to reseed the entire bunch of seeds.  Which may not be easy since most of the seeds in the area are sold out.

It probably won’t freeze until late December or early January, and then only a few times and only for a few hours.  If I get busy I’ll still be able to have them ready for the garden to get a fall harvest.


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