Copano Bay Kayaking – Fishing Trip

On weekends, David usually sleeps in.  That’s fair.  I sleep later than he does every other day of the week.  I try not to make noise that would wake him.  But, when I took the dogs out to the back yard, the perfect weather screamed “Kayaking!”.  Suddenly, I was in a hurry.  Three hours of this perfect day had already passed.  We threw snacks and fishing poles in the back of the car and we were on the way, to where we had not decided.

After some discussion we decided to try Copano Bay.  We put in at the Bayside public boat ramp.   We paddled under the bridge and found a place where trout seemed to be feeding.  We anchored about 50 feet off the beach and settled in to fish.

There wasn’t much fish action for a while and we were impatient.  We paddled further away from the bridge and found the right spot.  Every time I cast I got hits, but no solid bites.  It seemed perhaps I had too large a hook for the fish that were biting.  Good.  I deliberately use large hooks and big bait so I don’t have to mess with fish I don’t plan to keep.  Unfortunately, this time it seemed there were no fish big enough.

Just when I was thinking of changing bait, the tip of the pole took a nose dive. I set the line and slowly moved the fish closer to the boat.  Just as it was close enough to see what it might be, it spit the hook.   I really wanted that 22 inch red drum.  That seems to be my fishing life.  The one that got away.  That fish is there in Copano Bay, and I’ll be going back after it.  Soon.  Real soon.

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