Mission Craze Performance

I ordered my Mission Craze bow at Clyde’s Archery in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mission CrazeI’ve had my Mission Craze bow for several weeks now.  The first few uses left my arms tired and sore.  It was partly due to using muscles I don’t normally use in that way, but mostly it was because of the shoulder surgery I had last year. Even so, I am getting better and stronger.

The best part is that it is accurate.  One technically could argue that I’m the one who is accurate since I am pretty accurate with a gun and a bowling ball.  But, I hesitate to say it’s all me because the last time I used a bow was in 1973.  At best I would be considered out of practice.

It’s going to take time until I have enough strength to pull at a high enough draw weight to make a good kill shot, but I’ll get there!  This is my final post about the Mission Craze.

Mission Craze – Best Choice Ever!

Mission CrazeAs you know, we decided to buy bows.  We searched for months until we found one that felt like it belonged in my hands.  It’s been many years since I used a bow, and I didn’t think I would be buying another one any time soon.

We got the call that my bow had arrived and we went in to get it on my husband’s first day off.  When we got there, his bow had just come in that same day.

The tech adjusted my bow to accommodate my draw length and strength.  Since I had rotator cuff surgery some months ago, my left arm isn’t as strong as I would like, but it will get that way.  I feel it after every practice session.  Over time, it will get better.

The first nice day, by that I mean the first day the wind wasn’t 70 mph, we went out to try our bows.  It was awesome.  There were no adjustments needed for the sites.  Since I have a low draw weight, I can use the bale of hay for a target.  Eventually I won’t be able to do that.  But for now, my grandson and I use the hay bale.  David has to use the other target, but that’s another post.

The Craze pulls smoothly and is easily positioned for targeting.  With my left Mission Crazearm still weak, it is a challenge to hold the bow still, so some of my shots aren’t very accurate, but even so, I do pretty good. It won’t be long until I consistently hit the bullseye.  That’s just a matter of rehab from the surgery.  Using the bow is great for that!  Oh, did I mention that it’s adorable??  I love that animal stripe.

Allstays Camp and RV

We tried several camp ground locator apps.  This one is the most comprehensive and well worth the price.  It works as fast as your connection and saves time when planning a trip.  Its updated frequently and has been accurate when we have used it.

Not only does it give you information about campgrounds, it also provides information on low clearances, rest areas, and truck stops.  So, if I want to  only stop at Flying J Truck Stops in Texas, the app provides the locations of all Texas Flying J.

But, let’s just say you are like us.  You’re traveling and don’t necessarily want to plan very far in advance because you might want to stay in one location longer than anticipated.  There’s something to be said for serendipity.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous or maybe even lost, just press “Nearest” and it uses your GPS location to find locations near you for everything from a campground to a Wal-Mart that allows overnight parking.  The locations are provided in relationship to your location, nearest to farthest.  Make your choice and it maps it for you.  If you need driving directions, it will provide that too!

All good campers will have their own compass and map, but it is nice not to have to use them in this modern day of technology.

Which Device to Choose?

Recently a friend asked for my opinion about which device to purchase.  Since she has a son in college, and she is a busy lady with three businesses to run, I wasn’t sure the purpose for the device.  It is an important decision since money is hard earned.  I’m going to share my response to her with you.

Here’s the thing, decide how you are going to use it. Kindle Fire comes with 8 gig of memory, great then but now isn’t much. Kindle Fire HD comes with a choice of memory 16 or 32 gig. Get the 32 gig.  Two of my family members have the Kindle Fire. It is not expandable. They both love their tablets.

The Kindle Paperwhite 3G is an eReader with which you can download books while traveling anywhere in the world using 3G and older systems for downloading books only. The WiFi is for surfing the net.

I like my Galaxy 10.1 tablet running the Kindle app better . My tablet and extras cost more than twice as much as the Kindle Fire. They like my tablet better too.

What is important is what you are going to do with it. People we know who bought the Nook wish they bought the Kindle because the others don’t offer thousands upon thousands of free eBooks.

If you know for a fact that you will never do anything but surf the web, read books and maybe play an occasional game, then get the Kindle of your choice. If on the other hand, if you are going to use yours as a surrogate for a PC or laptop, then you should get the Galaxy 10.1 (or some other nice sized tablet).

There is a WordPress app that allows you to work on your blogs using your Android device. Bluetooth keyboards are available for most of these devices.  The Kindle Fire Bluetooth keyboard and cover combination costs about $40.00 on Amazon. The Galaxy 10.1 cover and keyboard was $100.00, but some are cheaper.

The drawback to all of the above options is that you only have internet when you are connected to some WiFi service in some location such as a friend’s house, hotel or Starbucks.

There is a new option you might consider. It is cheaper than the Galaxy 10.1 (or the iPad) and more expensive than the Kindle Fire HD.  That is the Galaxy Note 2. It is larger than a regular cell phone, but is smaller than the Kindles. It uses Android and you can install the Kindle app.  Since it is a cell phone, you have internet connection using your data plan. You may choose up to 64 gig memory, and you can add up to a 64 gig SD card. There are extras to purchase but not necessary. If I buy the Note 2, I will get the Bluetooth keyboard.

Some people have issues with cell phone connectivity from time to time.  Don’t let this issue stop you from getting the smartphone or device you want.  Consider purchasing a cell phone signal booster.  It magnifies the signal so you can use the service of your choice in order to get optimal bang for your wireless buck.

The choice is yours.  What a world we live in!


U. S.Tides

Living in a coastal area, it’a always a good idea to have easy access to the tide information, and by extension, sunset and sunrise information is important to anglers.  I downloaded U. S. Tides to my smartphone.  It’s a great app.  I tried others, but my grandmother taught me if I can’t say something nice to not say anything at all.

It uses your current location, provides time information for one week, displays a water level graph of the current water level, and sunset and sunrise information.

The app is too simple to use.  Download it, choose your location, use it.  Free apps come with advertisements.  This one is no different.  One time the app didn’t immediately download the data when activated.  Restarting the app fixed that issue.

I recommend this app for anyone who wants to have easy access to the tides information.