Book Review: The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine

The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine by Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph. D. was published in 1986.  I know!  Why am I reviewing a book published over 25 years ago?  Because the book has important information and was never taken seriously by the general public back then.  Pharmaceutical companies were  trying everything they could to delay or completely undermine the acceptance of herbal medicines by the general population in western societies while in the back room they were researching how to take the herbs and make them into “medicine” and lobby the FDA to control them as drugs.  It was during this climate that The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine was written.  More on that topic later.

Usually, I skip prefaces and introductions in books.  Let’s face it.  They are usually boring.  Don’t skip them in this book.  They are full of important historical information that some people need to understand before their next trip to the pharmacy or doctor.  It also makes a few good points about science and the thought processes of people.

The meat of the book starts with an article “How to Use this Book”.  I almost skipped it but quickly found that it was better and easier to understand all the bold and other typefaces scattered through the pages after reading the how-to.

Most books about herbal medicine start with a list of herbs to be defined and which ailments the herb has benefits.  Not The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine.  It starts with the ailment and provides not only a list of herbs but also how to use them. Each ailment article also has an impressive list of references from some of the most impressive journals and books not only about herbal medicine but also main stream medicine world wide.  Often writers will only include research found in readily available texts and journals.  Anyone can look those up and write about it.  But  Mowrey’s research includes research articles from around the world.  It shows that he went to great depths to find the best and most recent (at the time) information to share with us.

And so it goes for the entire book.  It covers everything from Arthritis to weight loss.  While I will be reading more recent publications,  this is certainly going to be one of my go-to books for natural remedies  to common problems to bolster my physical condition and to counter balance the effects of some of the pharmaceuticals ingested as part of a regular medical routine.

I found my copy on Amazon for $0.01 cent.  The shipping was $3.99 and the book claimed to be used, but the binding had not been cracked and it looked brand new.

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