Allstays Camp and RV

We tried several camp ground locator apps.  This one is the most comprehensive and well worth the price.  It works as fast as your connection and saves time when planning a trip.  Its updated frequently and has been accurate when we have used it.

Not only does it give you information about campgrounds, it also provides information on low clearances, rest areas, and truck stops.  So, if I want to  only stop at Flying J Truck Stops in Texas, the app provides the locations of all Texas Flying J.

But, let’s just say you are like us.  You’re traveling and don’t necessarily want to plan very far in advance because you might want to stay in one location longer than anticipated.  There’s something to be said for serendipity.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous or maybe even lost, just press “Nearest” and it uses your GPS location to find locations near you for everything from a campground to a Wal-Mart that allows overnight parking.  The locations are provided in relationship to your location, nearest to farthest.  Make your choice and it maps it for you.  If you need driving directions, it will provide that too!

All good campers will have their own compass and map, but it is nice not to have to use them in this modern day of technology.

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