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About Us — Our Mission

David and Cindy BrumitDavid and I decided early in our marriage to work towards a singular goal:  Independence.  When people hear what we are doing they assume we are survivalists or doomsday planners.  While we will be better prepared for emergencies than most people, surviving is not our goal.  Our goal is to be able to provide continuity to our lives.  By that we mean the constantly changing social and economic conditions will not impact us as immediately nor as deeply as those who do not engage in active planning and preparation.

Why is this different from survivalist and doomsday prepping?

  • We do not isolate ourselves from the world.
  • We do not spend large amounts of time engaging in prepping activities.
  • We do not spend the balance of our income on prepping.
  • We enjoy the items of the modern world, such as tablets, iPods and travel.
  • We spend time preparing in ways that are also an enjoyable lifestyle.
  • We are planning to live a sustainable lifestyle in a self-sustaining home.
  • We focus on gaining skills and supplies that will enable us to hunker down or bug out, which ever the situation demands.
  • We are not militant, nor do we support militant groups or that lifestyle.
  • We do not plan for any specific event, i.e. economic collapse, civil war, apocalypse, volcano, earthquakes, epidemics nor meteorites.

Unless we come into a large amount of money, this will not be a quick and easy task.  Follow along with us as we make this journey.  Help us out by posting your ideas and comments.  We welcome comments from more experienced planners and will gladly help those who are just starting.

  • sensible says:

    Wow! This is awesome because it is sensible! There seems to be two extremes found on the web about preparedness: one is don’t and the other is total extremism. You two have practical sensible views that don’t seem to be easily found elsewhere. I am excited to read more.

    • cindy says:

      Thank you! We live for today but plan for tomorrow. We don’t want to come to the end of our lives and have nothing to show for it except a big pile of expiring food and dead batteries.